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Sahara india News 2022: Hello friends and welcome to this article, after a long wait, the wait for all those who have invested money in Sahara India is now over because the investors are on strike regarding the process of payment. Demonstration issued and it is said that the process of payment will start. Let’s know the full news in detail! The hunger strike ended on the assurance of returning the money of Sahara investors by January, the hunger strike going on for the last 6 days to return the money deposited in the company of Sahara investors ended on Sunday night on the assurance of MM. SDM Anurag Niwal made Baidya Ramkumar Gupta Nasen on hunger strike and ended the others being done by him. Sahara India News 2022 Sahara india Breaking News’s subrata roy Sahara india Sahara india ka news

sahara india latest news today

According to the news received from the sources, all the money invested in Sahara India will start getting from November 12 and it is being told that after several steps, it will be paid to the investors because there are many investors who want money from India instead of Sahara. Investments are made in various co-operative societies, first of all the investors need to know where their money is invested, after which the investors will be paid for it in different stages. Investors should prepare all their papers and documents because when will they get their money.

Will get money with interest or not

According to the news received from the sources, the investors will be paid only in the deposit amount but all the investors are upset and they are saying that since so many days we have invested the money in Sahara India, then we should get it with interest but got the news. As per it it is being told that only the investment money will be paid to the investors.

10 crore check bounced.

The negligence of the district administration in returning the money to the investors has also come to the fore. When the four directors of Sahara were arrested, they had told the court to give back Rs 15 crore. On this condition, he was granted bail by the court. Then the directors gave a check of 10 crores to the district administration. But the administration did not put the check for clearance after a long time. Due to which a check of 10 crores got bounced. Sahara India News 2022 Sahara india Breaking News’s subrata roy Sahara india Sahara india ka news

What is the current status of Sahara India Pariwar?

Also many bondholders did not respond to SEBI’s queries, hence their applications were closed. According to a 2012 order of the Supreme Court, Sahara India had deposited Rs 15,503.69 crore in the ‘SEBI-Sahara Refund’ account till December 31, 2021, against the principal amount of Rs 25,781.37 crore deposited from investors.

Will Sahara give money?

How much refund have you received so far? The Supreme Court ordered on August 31, 2012, following which Sahara India has deposited Rs 15,503.69 crore in ‘SEBI-Sahara Refund’ account till December 31, 2021 against the principal amount of Rs 25,781.37 crore deposited from investors.

When will Sahara India make the payment?

But the company had assured to pay the investors in April 2022. Sahara India Pariwar is working in this field since last 40 years. Their companies have also paid the money deposited by the general public on time. If we look at the history of Sahara, then this company has returned money to its investors on time.

In this way, investors’ money will have to be withdrawn

It can be seen that Sahara investors are paid in different phases in different states as investors are withdrawing less than 100,000 money with the help of their nearest District Officer. is that most of the money goes to big people like doctors, some officers and others, money is given to poor people, not even a single one has been paid yet, is the best and best solution That you meet your nearest DM officer. Money can be paid. Sahara India News 2022 Sahara india Breaking News’s subrata roy Sahara india Sahara india ka news


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Sahara india News 2022

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Can I withdraw money from Sahara India?

Ans: You can withdraw some money and create a new FD with us. We have not renewed our maturity amount since they are not in a position to return the money now and their office may disappear after 10 years. I am going to clear this 20k mess with Sahara Group after LIC Surender Task.

Why did Sahara India fail?
Ans: Sahara failed to deposit the money with SEBI within 3 months with 15% interest. Supreme Court orders Sahara Group to pay in 3 installments. Sahara paid the first installment of Rs. 5120 crores, but not in other 2 installments and claimed that they have already paid the investors.

Is Sahara returning the money in 2022?

Ans: Sahara India Investors Refund Status 2022: Millions of investors’ crores of rupees are stuck in the schemes of Sahara India for years. However, so far SEBI has returned only Rs 138.07 crore including principal and interest to the investors of Sahara India.

Is Sahara India safe?

Ans: Yes, Sahara India Life Insurance is safe. Sahara India Life Insurance Company offers the best life insurance policies at reasonable premiums. The company offers life insurance cover and an excellent claim settlement ratio to secure your family and it will help protect your loved ones even after death.

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