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If we are to have a conversation about the widely used automated web browsers, the conversation starts and ends with Selenium. It allows the developers to build scripts that can engage with the web pages in a manner that is similar to how a human user would do. That makes it a tool that cannot be put a value on for evaluating website applications and making the repetitive tasks automotive.

It goes without saying that Selenium is one of the biggest parts of interviews these days for aspiring developers. If you have an interview coming up and you are looking for a Selenium questionnaire, we have got you covered. This blog will take you through the important Selenium interview questions and answers.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a free, open-source automated testing framework for web application validation across different platforms and browsers. Selenium test scripts can be written in a variety of programming languages, such as Python, Java, C#, and others. If you utilize the Selenium testing tool for evaluation, that event is called Selenium testing. There is a collection of tools in the Selenium software. These tools cater to a particular organization’s quality assurance requirements. Here are some of the common tools:

  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Remote Control

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What is SDLC?

The vital phase in the software development life cycle is testing. There are two kinds of testing:

●       Manual Testing

This test involves manual execution of test case circumstances against the applications to detect any sort of bugs and errors. This test had come with many challenges of heavy manual effort.

●       Automation Testing

On the contrary to manual Testing, Automation Testing allowed us a way to automate the lengthy and mundane testing processes and increased the demand.

Advantages of Selenium as an automation tool?

There are many advantages of Selenium as an automation tool. Here are the three biggest Selenium benefits:

  • Language assistance is one of the biggest benefits of Selenium. Selenium supports Python, Javascript, Perl, and many other languages. It can work with different languages based on the testers’ and developers’ preferences.
  • From Internet Explorer to Safari, Selenium is compatible with a variety of web browsers. When conducting tests and testing them across various browsers at the same time, this becomes very beneficial.
  • Be it iOS or Android, Selenium can work on both of these platforms. The test automation from Selenium can be utilized to automate mobile website application testing. It can assist in the generation of the results that are necessary and the ongoing resolution of the bugs present in the application.

History of the Selenium

Selenium is considered one of the most prominent automated testing suites. It is considered a playback tool to conduct functional testing without any knowledge of a scripting language. It is a web UI-based and open-source free automation testing suite. The tool was developed back in 2004 by Jason Huggins.

Technical limitations of Selenium

While it is known as one of the best testing suites, here are some of the technical limitations of Selenium that you need to know:

  • Selenium cannot test Barcode and Captcha readers.
  • Selenium can only test out or evaluate the applications that are web-based.
  • To generate reports, third-party tools such as JUnit or TestNG should be used.
  • Since it is a free tool, there is no sort of ready vendor support from which the users can find different helping communities.
  • As a prerequisite, users will need to have prior programming language to understand the testing suite better.

Biggest difference between Selenium 2.0 And Selenium 3.0?

The Selenium 2.0 represents the merger of the original Selenium project with the web driver project. The Selenium RC got depreciated but was utilized for backward compatibility. Basically, Selenium 3.0 was acknowledged as the extension of Selenium 2.0, which was inherently backward compatible with enhanced stability and several bug fixes. To top it all off, it does not involve Selenium RC at all.

Describe the TestNG in Selenium

TestNG is considered a popular testing framework that is popularly utilized in Selenium. It is utilized to run and manage test cases in a more organized and efficient manner. It grants features like reporting, grouping, and parallel testing.

About the Selenium Maven Project

In this project, developers utilize Maven as a building tool and Selenium WebDriver to automate browser testing. Maven eases up the procedures, manages dependencies, and builds Java projects, making it simpler to configure Selenium WebDriver in the project.

Maven enables the developers to build a project structure encompassing resource files, test code, and source code while automating the building process. It makes collaboration, project maintenance, and distribution simple for Selenium.

How to create an Object Repository in Selenium?

The accumulation of web elements that belong to the application under test with the locator values. It is often said to be the object repository. The only thing is storing the locators in a centralized location rather than hard coding them in the script. When it comes to Selenium, the objects can be stored in Excel and can be utilized to populate them in the script whenever needed.

Different waits in the web driver

There are generally two kinds of waits in the Selenium WebDriver:

●       Implicit wait

These kinds of waits are utilized to grant a default waiting time between the consecutive test steps across the whole test script. Therefore, the following test script would only get executed if it has been over 30 seconds after the execution of the previous steps.

●       Explicit wait

These kinds of waits are utilized to stop the execution until a certain condition is met or the maximum time has elapsed.

Wrapping up

We all share the common fear of interviews. While it is perfectly normal to be anxious, the key is to be prepared. The last thing you would want is to be at the interview panel and be unprepared. With the above questionnaire, you are one step forward in your preparation for the big day.

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