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The Yamaha RX 100 is one of the most notorious bikes ever. It was presented in 1985 and was a moment hit among bike devotees. Its extraordinary plan and strong two-cycle motor made it a #1 among riders in India, and it has kept a clique following even a very long time after its creation was ended. In this article, we will dive into the set of experiences and elements of the Yamaha RX 100.,RX 100 price in India 2023 launch date, features, full specifications booking online,yamaha mt 15,yamaha fz x, rx 100 bike


History of the Yamaha RX 100

The Yamaha RX 100 was presented in India in 1985 and was a moment achievement. It was fueled by a 98cc two-cycle motor that created 11 bhp of force. Its lightweight and deft taking care of made it a number one among riders, particularly the individuals who cherished the excitement of riding a two-stroke bike.

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telling to a publications Chihana set the firm expection of bringing back the RX 100 brand all through he also printed of the mistake in creating vs 6 complaint in disclosed that will the name tag will be provided to an upcoming model rebating the real bike with a modern flavour will be in spring Yamaha RX 100 is state bike which is expected to launch in India in January 2025 in the expected president of 120000 150000 in India this involts the Yamaha MT 07 and the Yamaha R7 details regarding when really the two bikes could be in here controls to cramps in various forces in with street discharge norms in the sea of run of the mill traveler motorcycles.


Yamaha RX 100 2023

Yamaha also joined that the firm has a plan, and that creating a bike of such famous stature “cannot be a quick plan/decision”, and that it should “be an impactful package with powerful engine and design.” Spelling a modern avatar of the Yamaha RX100 is very exciting, initiating it after so various years may not be a very good expectation as the market would’ve already shifted onto electric scooters, and bikes by then.



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Yamaha Counts in ICE vehicles will have to meet the focused emission levels in fact in real-world situations. Not to show, by 2026 the BS7 norms may have also been executed. In parallel to stricter emissions, the price of lithium-ion batteries will also go down in the future cause of their widespread usage, all the other assisting Yamaha’s case in case it had to bring the RX100 in an electric type.


Yamaha RX100 Latest Updates

The RX100 will be returning to India with new look, according to Yamaha. Here’s where you can find out when the game will be released. This second-generation FZ16 Yamaha RX100 scrambler is also worth a look.


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The RX100’s engine was a 98cc single-cylinder unit that created 11PS at 7500rpm, which was air-cooled. A 0-60kmph time of 7.5 seconds was also claimed by the company. The Yamaha RX100 was a no-brainer for enthusiasts at the time because of its flawless dependability and affordability. In actuality, until Yamaha replaced it with the RX-G, it was one of India’s most popular two-stroke machines.

Features of Yamaha RX-100 Bike

The RX100 will be reintroduced in India, according to Yamaha. Here’s the schedule for the launch. This first-generation FZ16 Yamaha RX100 scrambler is also worth a look. Now times On the internet, a video of the Yamaha RX100 being built in India’s Escorts Yamaha plant has resurfaced. The Yamaha RX100 has received a scrambler makeover from a Mumbai-based custom house. The RX100 Scrambler is detailed in the article above.


the RX100 will sun be making a come back in the market

Yamaha recently confirmed the launch of the new Yamaha RX100 in the Indian market and will be offering it as a neo-retro-styled motorcycle for buyers. To be positioned as one of the most affordable bikes in the brand’s line-up, the new-gen Yamaha RX100 will offer a much-improved package for buyers.



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For starters, the new Yamaha RX100 will continue to offer a compact and robust package for buyers looking for a dependable commuter and is likely to be offered with a bigger and more powerful fuel-injected petrol engine. In addition to this, it will also boast features like LED DRLs, an electric start and a semi-digital instrument console. Needless to say, it will be based on a new platform and will feature an updated suspension setup. From what we know so far, the bike will ride on wire-spoke wheels and will feature telescopic forks at the front and twin-shock absorbers at the rear. The braking duties are likely to be handled by discs at the front and drum brakes at the rear.

Yamaha RX 100 specifications

before you buying the Yamaha RX 100 you should have to ever of the specifications of the Yamaha RX 100 in details because the always sufficiency will help you to confirm whether the bike you going to buy is better to purchase or not you can check the completed specifications of this bike here if you are looking for a bike that is perfect for committing in India look no for the than the Yamaha RXx 100 it is light weight easy to transport and comes with features like an LCD monitor cruise is control and abs brakes that making riding safe and manageable.

Yamaha RX 100 launch date

Yamaha RX 100 is a street bike which is expected to once in India in January 2025 in the spected price range of RS. 140000 and RS. 150000 in India.

Yamaha RX 100 top speed

the Yamaha RX 100 X launch only does not it use economy and and is it to use camera and GPS system what it is also comes in a variety of variance that are perfect for computers in India.

Yamaha RX 100 price in India 2023

new computer bike is perfect people who had need to write that can we take them get destination quickly and comfortable the bike comes in World war action it is affected to launch in December 2026 here we will discussing the design features and specifications by process and reviews of the Yamaha RX 100 if you are looking for bike that you are take you to work and anywhere quickly and easily for fact of some for you very end of the new RX 100.

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Yamaha RX100 design and style

the new Yamha RX 100 design 100 was a basic and no frills motorcycle that can be the set of mode set yet at attractive looks and a single unit flat sheet and analogy instrument colosterol fantas and head lamp casing are all features of the plane ring shift his lights it came with accessories including a crash bar saree guard Andre like use career and was available in 3 colours red blue and silver.

mileage and colours options in RX 100

Yamaha went come back to the drawing board and come up with the RX100 northwless Yamaha qtv have predicted the rs 100 success and Mrs giving the mileage of 35 to 45 km per litre as a result of there bald approach and it is now known as the legend it is the most of vs example of this is that to this collectors are still will ask sums of money oven and wealth gifts also the new Yamha RX 100 is available in red blue white blue grey silver,yamaha rx 100 price

Yamaha RX 100 competitors

Yamaha RX100 is also very well and reliable making the perfect white of riders who need something affordable and reliable so if you are looking for a bike that is perfect for your needs Yamaha RX differential the one of the consider this level and easy to operate making it great choice of the city riders who need a from table but high quality motorcycle is BITS many famous bikes in India., yamaha mt 15, yamaha mt 15, yamaha mt 15, yamaha mt 15, yamaha mt 15, yamaha mt 15

waiting time of Yamaha RX 100 bike

Yamaha has been leading brand in the world of motorcycles for many years now it is waiting time is around two three months after once because of it’s high demanding.

How to book Yamaha RX 100 online?

if you want to book Yamaha RXx 100 bike then you have to follow the all steps that I have been given below

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first of all you should have to go to the Yamaha official website
then you should have to go to the homepage of this officer’s website.
when you have to visit the homepage then you should have to search for the Yamaha RX 100 Booing option.
then check the price of it and read out all the instructions.
after the visit that the booking section and feel all the details that are asked there.
and you have to complete the booking procedure.
after if you want all days your delivery will be done.

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Will RX100 be launched?

Yamaha RX 100 is expected to launch in India in January 2025 in the expected price range of ₹ 1,40,000 to ₹ 1,50,000. Currently available bikes which are similar to RX 100 are Bajaj Pulsar N250, Honda Shine 100 & Keeway SR125.

Is RX100 legal in India?

Yamaha RX100 quickly gained popularity due to 2 stroke powerful engine. Due to strict modern emission norms, two-stroke motorcycles were banned and the RX100 bit the dust.

Is it legal to drive RX100 in India?

This bike is perfectly street legal to sell and any Yamaha dealer can procure this for you. They actually have a new model called RX Saluto. Dimensions are small like the original. However it features a four stroke 100cc engine instead of the torque induced two stroke engine of the original.

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