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bigg boss 5 tamilvote

Bigg Boss Manager Tamil Vote also known as Bigg Supervisor 6 Tamil Decision in favor of Bigg Supervisor Season 6 has begun and individuals can cast a ballot either through the web based casting a ballot survey or through missed call administration or through Hotstar Application. The total insights about Bigg Manager Tamil Vote can be found underneath. This will be the 6th year for Bigg Manager Tamil. 10 votes each day for every Hotstar ID will be accessible, which the crowd can use to decide in favor of their #1. Kamal Hassan, the Host of Bigg Manager Tamil 6 will declare the disposed of competitor in light of the vote rate got. Be that as it may, a ultimate conclusion will be in the possession of Star Vijay The board. Bigg Manager 6 tamil end list during the current week should be visible underneath and the end happens consistently.

Bigg Manager Tamil 6 Democratic Ousting Cycle: Every week the housemates will select the contender for disposal. One individual can choose 2 members, later the public will cast a ballot from the designation list accessible on the web. The individual with the most un-number of votes or with less vote rate will be disposed of. You can likewise Decide in favor of Large Manager Tamil 6 here yet the votes cast here won’t be included the authority count. Bigg Manager Tamil season 6 can be watched online at Hotstar (Official Telecaster). The total subtleties of the Bigg supervisor Tamil vote process are as per the following. bigg boss 5 tamilvote,bigg boss 15,winner,tamil,telugu vote, bigg boss 6,bigg boss 5 tamilvote,bigg boss 15,winner,tamil,telugu vote, bigg boss 6,bigg boss 5 tamilvote,bigg boss 15,winner,tamil,telugu vote, bigg boss 6,

Bigg Boss Season 6 Tamil Contestants list 2023


The premiere episode of Bigg Boss Vote unveiled the bigg boss season 6 vote contestants who will participate in the reality show. Here are all of them. For a detailed contestant list and professions, here it is.

Name Contestant Type Occupation Day Entered
Gp Muthu Original Youtuber 1
Asal Original Singer 1
Shivin Ganesan vote Original Model, Social Activist 1
Azeem Original Television Actor 1
Robert Master vote Original Actor, Dance Master 1
Aysha Original An Model, Television actress 1
Sherina Original Movie actor 1
Manikanta Rajesh Original Television Actress 1
Rachitha Original Television Actress 1
Ram Ramasamy Original Model, Cricketer 1
ADK Original Rap Singer 1
Janany Original Television Anchor 1
Shanthi Original Movie Actress , Dancer 1
Vikraman Original Social Activisit, Journalist 1
Amudhavanan Original Anchor, Comedian 1
Maheshwari Chanakyan  Original Television Actress 1
Vj kathirravan Original Anchor 1
Queency Original Television Actress 1
Nivaa Original Television Actress 1
Dhanalakshmi Original Television Actress

Bigg Boss Google Voting / Vote Work

Step 1 : Search Google “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote ” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Voting” .
Step 2 : Google result will show nominated Tamil vote contestants.
Step 3 : Sign in to your gmail account if not signed in and proceed step 1
Step 4 : Choose the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote contestant whom to be vote and saved from eviction.
Step 5 : Poll him/her Your vote and submit.

Note : Votes will be stored until Friday of each nominated week.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil first week voting result 2023 



Initially, he was a Television host/Anchor, and then he started acting in Television serials. ‘Piriyamanaval’ on Sun TV, ‘Pagal ‘Piriyamanaval’ ‘Theivam Thandha Veddu’, and ‘Kadaikutti Singam’ on Vijay TV are a few among them. A few years back, he was married to Salma, and they had a kid. Later they got mutually separated legally due to some misunderstanding. There were also rumors that he was in love with Shivani, who was his pair in a few Television serials. He is the second contestant who entered into Bigg Boss house in the sixth season.

GP Muthu

GP Muthu is very funny and good-hearted; he is a very popular YouTuber and TikTok vlogger, and he is TikTok for his amateur videos. He became most popular for his request to prime minister Modi to lift the ban on TikTok. He also threatened to commit suicide if the ban was not lifted. He is from Thirunelveli hence his Nellai Slang attracted many people as his followers. After the TikTok ban, he started the YouTube Channel, and he started making videos about the letters he received from his followers/fans, which went viral on YouTube. Later he got a few movies offers, and then now he became the first Bigg Boss Contestant of season 6.

Asal Kolaar

Asal Kolaar is predominantly an indie artist who has also lent his music to various films including Coffee with various Gulu Gulu, etc. His upbeat track ‘Jorthale’ went viral and hit 30 million likes. He is a singer, lyricist, and rapper. He has worked in Kollywood and Tollywood entertainment industries giving various hit albums. He is an icon of fame due to persistent hard work.

Shivin Ganesan

Shivin Ganesan is the third orientation distinction who has different records in the field of displaying. She has addressed of in the yearly worldwide show ‘Miss Trans Star’ held in Barcelona. She additionally takes the crown of being chosen as the first transsexual from India in the excellence expo ‘Miss Uniformity’. She is at present filling in as a worker in a NGO association named ‘harmony for change’ which attempts to help the training of government school understudies. Genuine ability go head to head!!


Sherina is an actress cum entrepreneur who commenced her media career as a model. She has participated in several She shows. She gave a hit role in the Kollywood movie ‘Vinodhaya Sitham’. As an entrepreneur, she runs two companies Sayara motors and UVI studio. She has won the title of Grazia Ford supermodel of the Indian world. bigg boss 15

Ram Ramaswamy

Ram Ramaswamy is a young cricketer and also a model. He has done modeling for various brands, anchored modeling shows, and made a debut movie that is to be released in 2023. Ram Ramaswamy took part in Top Model India, which is an Indian and English bilingual reality television program in India. Unfortunately, Ram was eliminated in the sixth episode after his wildcard entry in episode 5. The young, charming, well-built, and eye-captivating youngster is all set for the game.

Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam (ADK)


Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam, also known by his initials A. D. K. or simply Dinesh Kanagaratnam, is a Sri Lankan R&B and Hip-hop artist and music producer who has composed tracks in Tamil language. He also gave many playback hits in Tamil movies such as Vettaikaran, Kadal, Rajini Murugan, Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, etc.  He began working with local musicians part-time to pursue his growing interest in music.



Janany Kunaseelan alias Janany KJ is a Model, News Reader, and anchor from Sri Lanka. She was born and brought up in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. She kickstarted her career as a model and acted in many TV commercials like Swarnalaya Jewellery ads, etc. Then she joined the IBC TV channel as a News Reader and an anchor. She is socially active, running a YouTube channel and giving food reviews which are her hobby.


Amudhavanan is an Indian comedian, dancer, and Mimicry artist who has primarily worked in the Tamil film industry. He is well-known for his Athu Ithu Yethu show on Vijay TV and he is well-recognized as Vijay TV Amudhavanan and KPY Amudhavanan. He made his television debut in Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru Comedy King.  He had become popular across the Tamil Television industry with his skills in Mimicry. We can find videos of him imitating actors and many other people on YouTube. But he became more famous for his shows- Jodi, and Kalakka Povathu Yaaru. Maheshwari VJ

bigg boss 5 tamilvote

Who’s the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 (2022)?

We will update this section once the winner has been revealed. The winner of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil must still be declared after 100 days, before much elimination has occurred.

How to vote for Bigg Boss 5 Tamil?

The Viewer will have to Login to their account on the updated Hotstar Application in Android or IOS Device and/or any operational devices, visit the Bigg Boss Tamil page and click on the Vote now button for casting his/her vote through this Voting Mechanism

Who got the highest votes in Big Boss 6 Tamil?

The results of the latest result – GP Muthu, Maheshwari

How to see Bigg Boss Tamil vote Results?

Step 1 : Search Google “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote ” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Voting” . Step 2 : Google result will show nominated Tamil vote contestants. Step 4 : Choose the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote contestant whom to be vote and saved from eviction. Step 5 : Poll him/her Your vote and submit.

Who is No 1 in Bigg Boss?

Big Boss 16th Contestants list. TV actress Priyanka Chaudhary’s name is in the first rank list of Bigg Boss 16. According to the Bigg Boss 16th Contestants list, Shiv Thackeray who is a TV actor is on the second rank. Similarly, on the third rank is MC Stan who is a rapper.

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