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Brad Pitt and Girlfriend Ines de Ramon Keep Close on Romantic Beach Stroll in Santa Barbara: Photos

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon are soaking up the sun side by side. The couple was spotted on a morning walk at a beach in Santa Barbara, California, together on Monday, April 29. In one of the photos, Brad Pitt’s girlfriend, 60, is seen wrapping his arm around de Ramon, 31, both with coffee cups in hand and coordinating linen outfits blowing in the breeze. Brad Pitt girlfriend, now living with him, is enjoying their time together. This relationship is a fresh chapter in Brad Pitt wife history, marking a significant new beginning for the actor and his new partner. The media has been buzzing about Brad Pitt girlfriend 2024, showcasing the deep connection between them.


A Morning Walk to Remember

The serene and picturesque beach of Santa Barbara served as the perfect backdrop for Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon’s romantic stroll. The couple, both looking effortlessly stylish, were seen enjoying each other’s company. Brad Pitt girlfriend donned a light linen outfit, his casual elegance accentuated by the gentle ocean breeze. Ines de Ramon, complementing Pitt’s look, wore a similar linen ensemble paired with a chic green sleeveless puffer jacket, blending comfort and style seamlessly.

Ines de Ramon: A Rising Star in the Fashion World

Ines de Ramon, a jewelry executive, has recently been announced as one of the faces of Uter’s spring/summer 2024 campaign. Her eye for fashion and her role in the jewelry industry have made her a notable figure. Brad Pitt girlfriend 2024 has been on an upward trajectory, and her association with Uter is a testament to her growing influence in the fashion world. Ines de Ramon’s career is flourishing, paralleling her romantic involvement with Brad Pitt.

Key Details

NameGirlfriend NameChildAgeBirth PlaceAddress
Brad PittInes de RamonNo60Shawnee, OklahomaSanta Barbara, California
Ines de RamonBrad PittNo34United StatesSanta Barbara, California

A Blossoming Relationship

In February, a source close to Ines de Ramon told PEOPLE that the pair are now living together after she moved in with him. “They are going very strong and she is happier than ever,” the source said at the time. Around the same time, a different insider added that Brad Pitt’s girlfriend “is on top of the world again” and “smitten” with his girlfriend. “He is happy to live with her too. They were spending a lot of time at Brad’s. It only made sense for her to move in. Their relationship is serious,” said the insider.


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brad pitt girlfriend 2024

Brad Pitt’s Journey Post-Divorce

Brad Pitt, the Oscar-winning actor, has had his share of high-profile relationships. He was previously married to Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. Each relationship had its unique chapter in Brad Pitt wife history, but his connection with Ines de Ramon marks a significant new beginning. The source close to the actor mentioned, “This is Brad Pitt’s first girlfriend since the divorce. He didn’t settle and it’s paying off. He loves dating Ines de Ramon.”

A Fresh Start with Ines de Ramon

The journey of Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon began in November 2022 when they were first spotted together. Sources at the time claimed they had already been dating for “a few months.” Their relationship, initially discreet, gradually became more public. A month later, Ines de Ramon was reportedly spotted accompanying Brad Pitt to the premiere of his film “Babylon,” where they were seen with their arms around each other at the afterparty.


Building a Life Together

In January 2023, the couple seemingly went on a vacation, with Page Six sharing pictures of them sitting by a pool together. Further, in February 2024, multiple sources revealed that Brad Pitt’s girlfriend had moved in with him. This step marks a significant milestone in their relationship, highlighting their commitment to building a life together.

Ines de Ramon’s Background and Career

Early Life and Education

Ines de Ramon, 34, has an impressive background. She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Geneva in 2013. Her academic credentials laid a strong foundation for her career in the jewelry industry. This background supports her current role and her involvement in Brad Pitt girlfriend 2024 headlines.

brad pitt girlfriend 2024

Professional Journey

Ines de Ramon’s professional journey is marked by her rise in the jewelry world. According to Elle, she is currently the Vice President of Anita Ko Jewelry. Her expertise and vision have been instrumental in her success. Brad Pitt’s girlfriend has also worked with other prestigious jewelry brands, showcasing her versatility and depth of knowledge in the industry.

Brad Pitt’s New Chapter

Brad Pitt’s relationship with Ines de Ramon is a fresh chapter in his life. The actor, known for his illustrious career and iconic roles, seems to have found happiness again. An insider revealed, “He is happy to live with her too. They were spending a lot of time at Brad’s. It only made sense for her to move in. Their relationship is serious.”

Public Appearances and Media Attention

The couple’s public appearances have garnered significant media attention. Their first major public appearance together was at the “Babylon” premiere, where they looked inseparable. Their vacation pictures in January 2023 further fueled the media’s interest, showcasing their chemistry and comfort with each other. Brad Pitt girlfriend 2024 is often a topic of media fascination, highlighting their public and private moments.

Ines de Ramon’s Previous Marriage

Before dating Brad Pitt, brad pitt wife was married to “Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley from 2019 until they quietly parted ways in 2022. Their divorce was finalized in February 2024. This previous relationship, although not as high-profile, was a significant part of Ines de Ramon’s life brad pitt wife.


Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon’s relationship is a beautiful blend of two worlds coming together. Pitt, with his Hollywood charm and legacy, and Ramon, with her burgeoning career in the jewelry industry, complement each other perfectly. Their journey from discreet dating to living together highlights their deep connection and shared happiness.

What is Ines de Ramon known for?

Ines de Ramon Works in the Jewelry Industry

Ines, who is now the vice president of Anita Ko Jewelry, previously held roles in the jewelry department at Christie’s and at luxury Swiss jeweler De Grisogono. She has worked with Anita Ko, a favorite among celebrities, since 2020, per LinkedIn.

Who is Ines de Ramon wiki?

Ines De Ramon is a famous American health coach, social influencer, and fitness enthusiast.



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