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Complete Information About Government Schemes for Divyang?

The government is going to take a new decision on increasing the pension amount by more than 5 times. Under which before the 2021 Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government is thinking of giving more pension to the elderly, disabled, widowed women. A decision on this will be taken on January 15 in the social assistance program chaired by Union Minister Ram Kripal Yadav. pension scheme in india, pension news, pension news 2021, pension status


These people will get benefit

According to government figures, at present, about three crore people are being given government pension all over India. It currently includes about 2.4 crore elderly, 60 lakh widows, 10 lakh disabled persons.
The amount of pension is different in different states of India, sometimes ₹ 200 and sometimes ₹ 500 per month is given. Under the new scheme, around ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2500 per month will be given to these people.
To bring the scheme, the Ministry of Rural Development has prepared a new scheme of Rs.48 thousand crores on the basis of socio-economic census.

Center-state’s share will be discussed during the meeting

In the meeting to be held on January 15, the central government has called all the stakeholders including member states, voluntary organizations for the meeting. In the meeting, it will be discussed to decide the share of the center and the state for the amount to be given in the pension. How much will the state government give for pension and how much will the central government?

According to sources, the central government and the state government can make their agreement on 50-50%. It is certain that the amount of pension has been made, the increased pension amount will be given from April 1, 2021, due to this new scheme, the central government will have to bear an additional burden of 50 thousand crores almost every year.


Banks’ contribution to NPS will increase

The government also announced to increase the contribution of employer banks in the New Pension Scheme (NPS) from 10 percent to 14 percent. The 11th Bilateral Agreement on Wage Revision of Public Sector Bank Employees also proposed enhancement of family pension and increase of employer’s contribution under the National Pension Scheme. It has been accepted. The agreement was signed by the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) with the trade unions of banks on November 11, 2020. According to an official statement, the enhanced family pension will benefit thousands of families of public sector bank employees, while the increase in employers’ contribution will enhance the financial security of bank employees under the new pension scheme.

Many banks came in profit

Many public sector banks have now become profitable. This has increased the confidence of investors in them and they have become self-reliant in the matter of raising capital. The banks collectively raised Rs 69,000 crore since last year. This includes equity capital of Rs 10,000 crore. They are in the process of raising another Rs 12,000 crore.


Bad bank will get license soon

On the progress made in the case of National Asset Reconstruction Company (Bad Bank), Sitharaman said it has been registered and Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) has gone to the RBI for licence. Hope to get license soon. Regarding the plan to reduce stake in insurance companies, the Finance Minister said that the government will keep minimum stake in such companies. He also said that there is no need for the employees to panic, the government is sensitive to their concerns.

This is the current situation.

At present, different pensions are given in different states of India, in Delhi, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh old age pension of ₹ 1000 is given. In the same Rajasthan, Bihar, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh , an amount ranging from ₹ 300 to ₹ is done as a monthly pension. The total number of beneficiaries in these states is more than 3 crore.


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