Ruth Nolan Hosts Inspirational Creative Writing Workshop Amidst Joshua Tree National Park’s Desert Landscape

By John Schmidt

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🌵 October Weather in the Mojave Desert 🌞

This past October in the Mojave Desert’s Morongo Basin – season of the tarantula 🕷️ and turkey vulture 🦃 migrations – came in like a lion with record heat ☀️🔥 and went out like a lion, too. The wild weather weekend featured record heat, a massive dust storm 🌪️, icy winds ❄️, and the grit of sand in everyone’s teeth, followed by a cold autumn morning 🍂 before the air slowly cleared and mountain-rimmed views reappeared 🏞️ Ruth Nolan Hosts Inspirational.

🌼 Unique Desert Flora and Fauna 🦎

The Mojave Desert experienced an unimaginable summer of weather whiplash 🌦️, including a massive desert wildfire 🔥, an unlikely desert hurricane 🌪️, and a landscape-altering monsoon storm ⛈️, all in August. This was followed by a rare desert flora 🌸 and fauna 🐦 super bloom that continued into deep autumn, creating a unique and enticing desert ecosystem 🌵.

Ruth Nolan Hosts Inspirational

📝 Desert Institute On-Site Field Writing Workshop ✍️

Amidst the stunning desert landscape 🏜️ of the Mojave, a group of writers 🖋️ gathered at the Indian Cove campground in Joshua Tree National Park for the Desert Institute on-site field writing workshop, Write Like the Desert. Immersed in the possibilities of weaving words and visceral desert immersions into verse and prose, the workshop aimed to spark human emotion and imagination into a unique desert language of the human tongue. 🌄

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